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Hi, everyone I just registered but I'm not a newbie. I've read many posts here and tried my best to do to my pics what you've suggested to others.
This morning when i logged into my myspace account I saw a bulletin from a friend with her christmas wish. and I would love to be able to help her and Angel Summer's grandmother Cindy (also my friend on myspace) out. It would mean so much to them and me if we got this wish fulfilled....
I'm going to paste what Pam (Angel Kelli's mom) wrote in her bulletin and include the pics of her request. If you can help me make her wish come true It would be so much appreciated and I dont know if you can just paste the done pics here or send them to my email address its (thats also my email address used on myspace so if your a member there then add me and I'll also use your name if wanted to show a way of thanking you for what you've done when i post the bulletin with the christmas wish fullfilled) a Big Thank You to anyone willing and able to help!
Below is the bulletin:

ok, all i want for Christmas is.........

actually i do have a few things i need.
so anyone with photoshop skillz,
that would like to donate their time and talent..... it would be SO appreciated

angel Summer & Kelli have the date of January 21st in common

it was the day Summer was born & the day Kelli died.

so "nana" cindy & i are working on some special things to do for that day.

they might include a video, special defaults for our girls and for sure some banners to use every year :)

we would very much like to have something simple that shows our girls together, close up. not sparkly or anything too fancy, just something that has the girls together that will show up well for a default.

i think we have enough banners made, but if thats your specialty & you would like to make one== go for it

so can anyone use these pictures below and phase out Kelli's little cousin (sorry Tori lol) and put the picture of Summer in there instead?

pretty please.





i wondered if anyone can add Kelli's Christmas bulb to her picture above?

anyway you can. i'm not picky about it. i just thought it would be nice for Christmas to have it combined somehow.

you dont have to have the angel thats holding the bulb in there, but i dont care if you do. oh and that pink looking brush (lol!!!) is a brush i saved that Kelli last used to dye her hair.

yes, parents of deceased children are cRaZy like that!!

we save EVERYTHING our children ever touched. the brush is def not needed in the picture. but i dont care if it's in there or not. lol.


or use this picture? minus the steering wheel.
i love this picture, but i dont like that its in Kelli's car b/c too many people will assume she was driving that night



friends banner needed, like this one but..........


i need the last line about calling for help taken out and replaced with

"they wont let you drive drunk no matter what"

last thing. swear. lol.
yes i'm being greedy this Christmas!

i need something close to one of these,

( i like the first one best but either will do fine)


same colors & still flashing

only i need it to say "click below" instead of "click here"


thank you all sooooooooo much!!!
xoxo Pam, Kelli's mom

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