How do i edit my pix making it have cool design like these:
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Author:  -мçкεггøщ™- ツ [ Thu May 27, 2010 12:03 am ]
Post subject:  How do i edit my pix making it have cool design like these:

Well my topic isnt really a good description of what i mean so i have to show you examples of what i mean...
example 1:
For this picture i want to kno how they make this kind of signature in their picture or what they used to make it.

example 2:
In this picture i want to kno how they cut the original picture perfectly with a backround and have an angel wing

example 3:
Heres another example

Well i hope anyone here can help me out with all of the information and thnx for tha help

xSrry if this is posted in the wrong category

Author:  xXSamantha4444Xx [ Thu Jul 29, 2010 10:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: How do i edit my pix making it have cool design like these:

Well, example one is possible, but the others would take image blending...

To do your image like the first example you've provided, go to the Text Tool. This can be found by looking to your left and clicking the 'T' icon, by hovering over 'Draw' at the top of your page and selecting 'Text Tool', or, as soon as you've uploaded an image, you can choose 'Add Text' out of the selection of the 'You may now...' options. Once you're there you can choose from an amount of different fonts. Click one and press 'Update Preview' to see what it looks like on your image. If you don't like any of the fonts that are provided, try clicking the 'More' link to the right of your fonts. There's a much larger selection from there. You could also use the 'Upload' link to use other fonts of your choice.

Two more cool options to try to make it look even more like your example would be the 'Animation' and 'Rotate' features. Although you can preview the Animations, you can't see what your rotation will look like; if you don't like your rotated image, use the undo buttons at the bottom of your page.

I've made a simple example above. It took less than one minute and only basic knowledge. The font used was also simple -- nothing really special about it, no animations or patterns, etc. With the steps I've provided above you could easily create an image just like, if not better than, this one.

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